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If you have specific goals to work towards-- whether that be an event, race, or weight loss goal-- we should plan to spend some significant time together planning, strategizing, re-focusing, and always moving forward towards it!  This is my longest plan available, and because you are committing to a 6-month process, the price is less each month.  I am already proud of you...let's get moving!

My 6-Month Coaching Plan includes:

- TWO 1-hour virtual or in-person meetings per month
- TWO weekly email check-ins
- ONE weekend check-in text
- ONE Enneagram session to discover some of your core motivations and see how they play into your daily health choices.

Over the six months, you will learn valuable skills in:

· Identifying and Meeting Goals
· Accountability
· Implementation
· Lifestyle Maintenance
· Exercise Plan
· Bouncing Back After Setbacks
· Hit a Major Goal by Month 6

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise with a specialist certification in Behavior Change.  After years and years trying to achieve an ideal body, I found that true health begins with grace for myself which freed me to be truly healthy.  In my mind, true health includes freedom, good choices, mistakes, bounce-backs, laughter, shared experiences, and a curiosity that keeps a person intrigued and motivated to continually learn.  I don't just want to train you.  I want to walk alongside my clients as they become better humans...because this always increases my own humanity.  What a gift for us both!

The cost of my 6-month coaching plan is $130/month and is billed monthly for easier budgeting!  Click the link above to purchase.  

Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees applied. No payments can be refunded; must cancel before the 1st of the month. 

**I work with women and teen girls only.  Men should not purchase.** 

Once you purchase the 6-month plan, you will receive a welcome email and be able to schedule your first session!  

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