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A little about me...

I live in South Jersey, have been married for 19 years to my favorite person, and have two brilliant, funny kiddos.  We also have two cats, a furry girl named Samar and a naked boy named Red. 

I grew up in a loving, fun-filled, Christian home as the oldest of four siblings.  My faith was shaped by a very conservative view of the Bible, and while I left much of that behind in my thirties, I'd consider myself Christian through and through.  I love, affirm, and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ Community, support and try to learn from POC, believe in conscious and intentional earth-care, have a high regard for current science, am a proud intersectional feminist, and value the stories, beliefs, and traditions of other religions. I think it is important to be honest about where my faith has led me because I come into contact with so many people (like myself a few years back) struggling to find a home amongst the Jesus Followers with a faith that feels too wild and open for the tamed, closed circles they often encounter.  I hope that everyone who visits my spaces knows I am honored to serve them.

My own path has been neither linear nor perfectly planned, but my experiences, setbacks, and (many) failures have grown a deep desire within to craft my life intentionally rather than just walk through it.  I want to help others do the same-- live beautiful lives by approaching daily choices and longterm goals with creativity and healthy habits. I especially love working with teens and women and love to employ the Enneagram as a tool to better self discovery.  

Non-fiction books, long distance running, drawing cute characters, coaching girl's team sports, playing Fortnite, snuggling with my kids, adventuring with my people, and drinking coffee while listening to podcasts with my husband, Phil, every morning.

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