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   This year has been a heavy one.  If we went back five years and told ourselves we’d live through a historic, global pandemic in 2020, we might’ve been hard to convince.  It’s like a bad movie.  Or maybe an inspiring movie, too, in some ways.  There are so many photos and videos of people […]

The Enneagram is a self-discovery tool. While it has gained popularity in Christianity over the last couple decades, it is a spiritual tool that is for everyone, no matter your religious tradition or lack thereof. All the best tools for finding your truest self never fall neatly into one tradition. If they are really the […]

Enneagram Core Motivations

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Lent begins this Wednesday the 26th and ends April 9th. It is a time that reflects Jesus’s withdrawal into the wilderness for 40 days and prepares us for the Easter season.   People in the Christian tradition choose specific things to give up during this time, a type of sacrifice creating an empty spot that […]

I grew up in a very small, conservative church in a tiny town.  The sanctuary was very old with a high ceiling and creaky floors.  I learned my worldview there as a child, sitting under suspended chandeliers in hard, wooden pews.  While I would leave much of that learning behind for new ways of seeing […]

5 Things to help you create a meditation practice that lasts!…

Why you are vegan matters. How you are vegan matters more.

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